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The Hidden Jewel of Yoga, An Introduction to Yoga Nidra

“There is a Light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the very highest heavens. This is the Light that shines in our hearts.” Chandogya Upanishad

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The Hidden Jewel of Yoga, An Introduction to Yoga Nidra
The Hidden Jewel of Yoga, An Introduction to Yoga Nidra

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Time is TBD

Online Event

About the Event

We are alive at a very auspicious time in history.  The Native Americans call it the purification before the illumination.  The old story of separation is falling away and a new (and ancient) story of Interbeing is coming forth.  Great teachers throughout time have told us that everything we seek is within, but how do we access that immense and timeless wisdom?

Some say that Yoga Nidra is the softer side of yoga and it is exactly this softness that is needed to open the door to.... Everything.  It is said that Yoga Nidra is all that is needed to reach enlightenment.  It contains within it, all of the gifts of every other limb of yoga.

The ancients left us a map to the peace of illumination which each of us seeks in our own way.  This technology is simple, yet profound.  Anyone can do it.

While the ancients have known this for millennia, science now tells us that thoughts create matter.  Studies show us that the mind communicates electrically and the heart magnetically.  What is possible when we open up the gateway for those two to communicate openly and freely together?

During this introductory workshop you'll explore the fascinating new science and ancient wisdom of this profoundly effective technology for transformation and, of course enjoy a delicious yoga nidra full practice.

Andora integrates her decades of study in yoga, meditation, energy medicine, shamanic studies, eastern studies, quantum thought and so much more into her programs.  Her delight is sharing wisdom techniques with others so that they too are empowered to experience divinity within and spread that across the whole planet.

A very worthy $45/45€ Investment

Fulfills 3 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed credits

Want to host an event in your home town?  It's easy!  Andora can come to you.  

Just send us an email and let's talk about it.

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